Welcome to the home of the Award Winning Weezle Undersuit for dry suit divers. The only undersuit to receive the Design Council Award. Weezle Diving Services are the specialists in Thermal Protection for the discerning diver, supplying both the Sports and Commercial markets world-wide. Proudly hand made in the UK, Weezle design has changed the way the world dives.

We keep people warm, protected and dry in many sports and conditions, we are now manufacturing for Runners, Cyclists, Surfers & Swimmers, Motorbike and Equestrian enthusiasts.

We are Hilary and Paul owners of Weezle Diving Services. We specialise in Thermal Equipment for the sport scuba and commercial diving market. We also have excellent clothing for extreme weather and situations.

Proudly Made in the UK

To complement our undersuits our other product ranges include:

  • Base Layers and Skins
  • Kit Bags
  • Boot Liners and Socks
  • Hood Liners
  • Coats and Waistcoats
  • Equestrian & Sports Wear
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Hats


The desire to be warm and dry while under water and a frustration with existing equipment has been the driving force behind the beginning of Weezle Diving Services Ltd ®

Weezle Diving Services is a family business, set up by two divers looking for reliability and value in dive equipment. The innovative & advanced products in our range so far are manufactured to our design to the highest specification by the leading companies in their field.

Our range consists of simple concepts made into quality products, proudly made by hand in the UK.


The Company is small but perfectly formed, consisting of a husband and wife team: Paul and Hilary Child both of who have been diving since Paul bribed Hilary to try the sport in 1990.

They both dive and train all year round and enjoy that that their sport and business are very closely connected, doing much of the extensive product testing themselves.


As most of our diving is done in and around the UK, including training in quarries in the winter, keeping warm was almost as important as keeping safe and in some cases amounts to the same thing.

In February 1998, Paul had the great idea of approaching a local firm who specialise in the use of modern fibres in quality sleeping bags as well as insulated mid layer clothing.

With Paul and Hilary’s design and performance specification and Snugpak’s specialist knowledge of fibres, the first Weezle Undersuit was born. Within the first year the prestigious Design Council Millennium Award was given to the suit and it featured in the display of innovative products for the year 2000. Since then the Company has gone from strength to strength to become one of the Worlds specialist producers of Thermal Underwear for divers.

Raw materials are sourced in the UK, Europe and America and constructed by hand in Yorkshire.