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Weezle Celebrates 23 Years of Successful UK Manufacturing

Thank you to all of our friends, customers and loyal supporters for being with us over the last 23 years since we became a company. Here are some of the images we have had shared with us.

Thank you all.

David Pallett

With Thanks to David Pallett for this image and quote

"Two names that I believe are symbiotic in maximum warmth factor for extreme cold. One (IMHO) Best of Norwegian and one best of British. Helly Hansen and Weezle UK, for both underwater (Drysuit thermal) and topside, and both! Thank you for the early Christmas present Camilla, can’t wait to try them out!"

David is seen here in his Scientific Weezle in an unsolicited Facebook post.
We hope your Orca trip can go ahead next year

We are Single Use Plastic Free!

Weezle Diving has now achieved the aim of 100% single use plastic free.
We have always packaged our gear in it’s own bag, unbleached cotton sack, or nothing at all. This year we have been sourcing dispatch packaging that composts, even the tape & documents enclosed pouch that we use, and asking any suppliers not to dispatch to us in anything else, or agreeing that it will be returned and reused if they do.
Already a registered ‘Green Achiever’ Weezle is looking for the next challenge to make our contribution to keeping the seas clear and the earth Green.