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Product of the Month: The Weezle It's A Wrap

A bit like the old advert for an all-in-one product, the Weezle It’s a Wrap does it all.

Keeps you warm, keeps you dry, breathes and no need for a towel as well, it dries you too, we don’t think there is another changing robe that beats this or can be put in a bag this size before throwing it in the washing machine when you get home.

Finally;  it is hand made in the UK

Take a look; Weezle It's A Wrap – Weezle Diving

Update on Repairs & Alterations

Great News!

Does your old Weezle need a little TLC?

We now have another lovely Lady who Sews and is used to making Weezles to be able to do repairs and alterations, so we're back doing those for customers. Thanks for your patience.

Weezle Celebrates 26 Years of Successful UK Manufacturing

Thank you to all of our friends, customers and retailers for being with us over the last 26 years since we became a company.

We appreciate the vocal support, encouragement, loyalty and help from customers past and present. Especially those with Weezle Undersuits that have lasted longer than their drysuits!! (We think!!)

Here are some of the images we have had shared with us.

We love receiving your images and if you have any you think that we would like and can use, please send to Hilary at sales@weezle.co.uk

Thank you all.

Weezle Supports British Sub Aqua Club Divers

Weezle is offering members an exclusive discount on their award-winning range with 12% off all undersuits and 10% off Weezle wear until July!

Weezle’s award-winning undersuits are the perfect choice for drysuit divers to stay toasty warm. Keeping warm in UK waters is essential, Weezle believe that divers should be able to dive whilst staying warm all year round. Weezle specialises in thermal protection for the discerning diver and proudly hand make their products in the UK.  

To enjoy this exclusive offer place your order direct to Weezle via email to sales@weezle.co.uk with your BSAC membership details, delivery address and mobile number.  

We are Single Use Plastic Free!

Weezle Diving has now achieved the aim of 100% single use plastic free.
We have always packaged our gear in it’s own bag, unbleached cotton sack, or nothing at all. This year we have been sourcing dispatch packaging that composts, even the tape & documents enclosed pouch that we use, and asking any suppliers not to dispatch to us in anything else, or agreeing that it will be returned and reused if they do.
Already a registered ‘Green Achiever’ Weezle is looking for the next challenge to make our contribution to keeping the seas clear and the earth Green.