Weezle Thermal Rescue Suit

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The Weezle Thermal Rescue hand made in the UK from the best materials on the market, to the highest specification, using layers of innovative fibres to produce a hard-wearing, lightweight garment.

Casualties rescued from water or a wet environment often suffer from hypothermia, which can be fatal, especially if complicated with other injuries and felt that we could improve on what is offered.  Nothing using thermally effective wicking fibres that are also water & wind resistant exists.  The lining is so efficient it will continue to dry clothing as well as the body so that there is no need to strip & therefore expose the casualty to further cooling, particularly important as water removes heat from a body approximately 25x faster than air.

The long zipper enables easy donning and means that an ambulant casualty is able to move from boat to vehicle & even into a hyperbaric chamber while still warming & drying.

Short arms & legs mean that the warming is core centric and avoids warming the extremities.  It also means that it is possible to insert cannulas and check blood pressure without cooling. 

Available to Rescue Services 

This is a unisex design incorporates 2 hip pockets and a chest pocket for personal items that need to be retailed by the casualty.

The Compact version is our lightest weight of undersuit, shown here in either, Yellow or Black and this is sufficient for use in air

Constructed from layers of specially chosen fibres each chosen to perform differently but to make this a warm garment that will maintain body temperature & dry fast.

Each one piece comes with a good quality double ended zipper and are packed in it's own stuff sack.  This enables the Thermal Rescue Suit to be compressed and makes it small to stow.

Colours & sizes

The Thermal Rescue Suit comes in 2 colours (Yellow or Black and in 3 sizes; Small, Medium & Large.