Weezle Extreme Plus Undersuit Boots

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To combat cold feet and for added comfort, the Weezle thermal boots are made from the same fibres as the Award Winning Weezle Undersuits, with our unique long cut, toughened sole, available in 6 sizes, 3 weights and colours

The Weezle Undersuit Boots are hand made in the UK from the best materials on the market, to the highest specification, using layers of innovative fibres to produce a hard-wearing, lightweight garment. 

By using the same innovative materials as used in the Weezle Undersuit, we have not only been able to combat cold feet, but we have taken it one step further, instead of having an undersuit sock that finishes at the ankle, we have extended it up the leg to just below the knee.  Tensioners sit behind the knee to allow for adjustment and if worn outside your undersuit, their smooth exterior will assist in climbing into your drysuit.  A toughened sole giving a more hard wearing area

Please note that in the Extreme plus weight, as with the Undersuits we offer black as the only option. 

This removes that annoying cold spot between the end of the undersuit and the beginning of the sock, that is often subject to boot squeeze at depth.  Ankle weight wearers will find that this also adds a layer of comfort not featured in other undersuits and long-legged people will avoid having a cold gap should their undersuit legs be too short.

Extreme plus is the heaviest weight that we make, good for water similar to or colder than those around the UK.  These boots have proven themselves in the Nordic countries and polar regions.

Constructed from layers of specially chosen fibres each chosen to perform differently each weight from Compact to Extreme plus offering more or less thermal protection as is suitable for under different drysuits, water temperatures and your thermal needs.

Colours & sizes

The Extreme Plus Boots come in Black, and Sizes Extra Extra Small to Extra Extra Large.