Weezle Thermal Hood in Compact or Extreme

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 The Weezle Thermal Hood which can be worn over or under a neoprene hood and also works well beneath a safety helmet as worn by the RNLI. The hood is available in Compact weight, one size and in 2 colours.

By using the same innovative materials as used in the Weezle Undersuit,  the Weezle Thermal Hood has been manufactured in response to a special request from a customer using a drysuit with an inclusive hood with little thermal property. It can be worn either beneath a loose fitting or thin latex version or on top of a standard neoprene hood and gives warmth whether et or dry.  As our fibre combination works wet, this offers an extra warmth or if taken in the High Viz version, safety.

Manufactured in our Compact weight with the wicking lining, it offers the same warmth properties as our lightweight undersuit and is as simple to care for. It has a long chin strap with Velcro fastening, enabling it to be worn by divers of varying size with comfort.

The standard black can be worn simply for warmth and comfort, while the High Viz version, worn as an outer layer makes the wearer highly visible. This is most useful for buddies to keep each other in sight in difficult underwater conditions and also for boats to spot, at a greater distance, and then identify the divers requiring picking up in a busy diver spot if worn over your hood.

A final area of use is with the Safety & rescue and Commercial industries, either beneath a helmet or hard hat, the thermal hood offers warmth and extra comfort while not impairing hearing, making it both safe and snug.

Constructed from layers of specially chosen fibres each chosen to perform differently to keep you exceptionally warm, without a buoyancy penalty