Weezle Extreme Skin Top & Trouser

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The Weezle 2-piece design is body-hugging garment, hand-made in the UK with 4-way stretch genuine from high quality Polartec® Power Stretch® with double stitched, flat seams for comfort. The material and design provide unrestricted freedom of movement. The Extreme Skin should be purchased to fit well, to go beneath other layers or can be used on its own in warm water or air. 

It will keep your skin dry when you sweat as it is highly breathable to provide comfort in all activities and does not restrict the movement of moisture vapour. The aim is to provide warmth without the weight and bulk of traditional insulating fabrics while also being wind resistant to reduce the effects of wind chill and is very machine washable.

A Weezle original design, the top has thumb loops, adding to ease of donning and comfort and a higher neck line to give neck protection when worn as a stand-alone garment in warm water & pools as it dries fast.  The long body length will give you extra cover in the kidney area and ensure that there is never a gap between the top and trouser.

The trouser has a long-bodied cut and tie at the waist for added security.  The leg is cut long and ends in foot loops to keep securely in place.

The Weezle Extreme Skin is manufactured from genuine Power Stretch®, which is a Polyester, Nylon & Spandex mix, which wicks sweat from the skin and if worn beneath one of our undersuits, out to the Weezle inner wicking layer. “Touch Points” on the fabric inner surface draw off the sweat to the outside of the fabric, where it spreads rapidly for evaporation.  It is exceptionally ‘stretchy’, ideal for close fitting active wear and also one size will suit several build of customer and retains its shape even with washing (according to instruction, see Tech Spec).

Designed for use beneath our Weezle Undersuit, a neoprene wet or drysuit and in warm water as an extra layer of insulation. If warm in water in its own, it will add some protection from sun and underwater hazards.

You don’t need to add water, Weezle Extreme Skins make great outdoor wear, used for riding bikes and motorbikes, hiking and horse-riding, to name a few activities.

Colours & sizes

In Black with red stitching.

Ex Small to Ex Large  Can be purchased separately (in different sizes)


  • Flat seams
  • High Collar
  • Thumb holes for donning &/or to avoid sleeves riding up
  • Long Bodied
  • Waist tie
  • Foot loops